Daisy Elementary’s Lowry Thielges helps every CDC student advance

The best way to succeed in school and in life is to have a good foundation.

One Daisy Elementary Pre-K Teacher makes sure even the kids who are behind come out ahead.

Lowry Thielges is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Lowry Thielges says, "Go… So…" And a reading circle full of Pre-K boys yells, "Those words are rhyming!!" Miss Lowry nodds, "Those words are rhyming…."

Miss Lowry’s Pre-Kindergarten class that chorus of words is reason to celebrate!!

Miss Lowry’s class is a Comprehensive Developmental Class, each child has some sort of special needs.

Miss Lowry says when they first walked in her door, most of them didn’t speak, "Kids can learn, and they have a voice and we just have to get it out of them."

And that, say the parents in her class, is Miss Lowry’s special gift…

Connie Chancy reads from her Golden Apple nomination letter, "My son Elijah needed help with his speech and language skills and soon as he was put in Miss Lowry’s class we could tell a difference."

Richard & Connie Chancy’s 4 year old has been in Miss Lowry’s class almost a year.

Connie says Elijah’s speech has improved even faster than doctors expected, "He went from us teaching simple words to coming home and singing songs and talking sentences."

Connie says Miss Lowry’s preparing these kids to be successful not just in school, but also in life.

Richard says the growth they’ve seen in all these children is nothing short of amazing, "Coming forth tremendously, it’s tremendous…"

The goal for these three and four year olds is to mainstream in general education classrooms as early as possible.

Miss Lowry says, "Early intervention is the key to success for these children."

Miss Lowry says she loves working with the parents just as much as the students, "Now they’re talking and being able to hold a conversation with their parents. And that is the best gift I can give them."

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