Dalton Catamounts Ready to ‘Surrender’ This Fall

The Dalton Catamounts are eager for the post-season after seeing their seven year playoff run snapped last season.

Matt Land starts his 27th year on the Dalton coaching staff, and not much has changed. The Catamounts still need team work to make the dream work.
Said Land:”Our theme this year is called ‘Surrender’. We are asking our guys to surrender themselves. It doesn’t mean give up. It means give up yourself. Give up yourself for the team. For the team good.”
Surrender to the team and surrender your mind.
Said Land:”Kids are like race horses. You don’t want them thinking. So what we try to do. We want to remove thinking from the equation. It needs to be either action or reaction.”
And Dalton will endure plenty of hard action if they’re going to make the playoffs again.
Said free safety Parker Adams:”It’s a pretty tough region. We have one of the toughest regions in the area I believe, but we are going to do our thing. It’s going to happen.”
Said Land:”Our region last year had 41 D-one players in it. All four of our playoff teams were in the top six at the end of the year.”
Reporter:”Talk to me a little bit about how tough this region is.”
Said running back Jahmyr Gibbs:”It’s very tough. Lot of big dudes.”
Good thing the Catamounts have a lot of big dudes.
Said Land:”But up front is where I’m probably more excited offensively because I’ve got Osbaldo Beltran, and Manny Vega, and Brant Bagley as returning starters. You got one 6-foot-8, 312. The other one is 6-foot-1, 312.”
You get a big line blocking for a big play-maker.
Look out. Jahmyr Gibbs is back for his senior year.
The Georgia Tech commit averaged nearly 9 yards a carry last season in running for 14-hundred and 30-yards.
Said Land:”Jahmyr is a guy that I think he could probably be an offensive coordinator. Because of that he understands the offensive schemes from a blocking standpoint. So instead of just a fast guy running with the ball, he knows where the soft points are.”

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