Dalton Exchange Students React to Terror Attack in their Homeland

When terrorists strike–whether it be in Chattanooga, San Bernadino, or Brussels, Belgium–it’s suddenly a very small world.
The latest attack came as a shock to some exchange students at Dalton State college—this one happened in their homeland.

Dalton State has a special relationship with Belgium. Many floor covering companies are based in that country and there’s been an exchange of students with a university there. The tragic terrorist attack on the train station and the airport hit close to home.

MARILYN HELMS, DALTON STATE, PROFESSOR OF MANAGEMENT “I took a group of 13 students here from Dalton who studied right down town in Brussels. In fact, the university is right down town by the Belgian north station we heard about on the news this morning.

Four exchange students from Belgium are on campus, and they spent some anxious moments.

NICOLAS GOMEZ CANDEL, EXCHANGE STUDENT “First of all its like mix of being angry and scared, because you’re angry that this happens but also scared for all the family for all your friends.”

All of the exchange students at Dalton state were familiar with the airport and the train station where so many people were killed or injured by the assailants. A Muslim groups has claimed responsibility.

JASPER VAN MEULDER, EXCHANGE STUDENT “Everybody’s blaming the Muslims now but that’s not true. Every culture..every nation has bad people like that..so I don’t think you should judge the refugees for what happened.”

ADAM LAURENT EYLENBOSCH, EXCHANGE STUDENT “..my family is safe…but some other persons family is not safe…I said I can’t be thinking about that all day..it may be selfish, but I need to change my mind and I’m going to class.”

RUTH VAN OBBERGEN, EXCHANGE STUDENT ” I went over there, this person told me something ..and I was like, I’m sorry, I can’t do this today and they were very supportive…because its hard on us ..not knowing if your family and all your friends are o.k. so they gave me the day off.

These young college students are asking the same questions we all ask—why?
And they have a new appreciation senseless violence.

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