Dalton Gets New 35 Acre Solar Farm

DALTON, GA, (WDEF)- A morning of hardhats, muddy boots and cutting tape for these engineers at North Georgia’s newest solar farm.

Bill Silva, United Renewable Energy,"Over 23000 solar panels here if you put them end to end they would stretch from here in Dalton all the way to Chattanooga and the wire itself if you unrolled it in this plant you could get it all the way to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta".

The multimillion dollar facility is built on land that originally had a very different purpose.

Bill Silva, United Renewable Energy,"This is part of the water treatment facility  for Dalton Utilities so this land had been used as a spray field and 20 years ago they stopped using it for that application and now generating solar energy is a perfect application for this type of land".

The monstrous project was years in the making and will power homes right now across North Georgia.

Murry Weaver, Georgia Power,"This facility is over 7 megawatts in size which is a sizeable facility for renewable energy we are proud to be part of it".

Engineers hope this is the first of many large solar farms for North Georgia.

The solar farm will be able heat and light 700 North Georgia homes.

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