Dalton man waiting for years for kidney transpant

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Millions of Americans are living with a life-threatening illness.

And despite the best efforts of local, state and federal agencies, some of them still fall through the cracks.

A Whitfield county couple is waiting for help as the husband hopes it comes before it’s too late.

Howard Lovett says “Without the kidney transplant and stuff, I’ll definitely die.”

Howard Lovett and his fiance Tina, have moved around for years, but now they are living at no cost in public housing in Dalton.

They get food stamps, but have no money coming in.

Howard only has sight in one eye, and has lost a kidney to cancer.

He says the other one is failing and he’ll need dialysis, but government agencies are slow to respond.

Tina is trying to help him.

“I’ve been trying, you know the Obamacare, we did have Obamacare in Lexington, Kentucky, and I tried Obamacare here, they said they ain’t going to do it, you have to pay for it.”

Howard adds “I’ve been fighting for the longest time. All the paperwork has been done, everything’s been handed in, and no, haven’t, I’m still waiting for my court date, and as of right now it’s been, it’s going on three years.”

And, until the application for disability is finalized, according to a case worker we spoke with by phone, Medicaid can’t step in.

A “Catch 22”.

Tina says “I don’t know what the hold up, they got the papers of him, renal failure, uh, they got papers that he has to get, he has to go through dialysis, they already got those papers, they got the papers of where he’s blind, and they’re still, setting on their butts and not doing nothing.”

Tina says she would try to find a job, but it doesn’t look good since she has no transportation.

Howard says “It’s a hurt feeling. You know, that I can’t, I can’t live the way I want to live. You know, because people keep telling you no, no, no. I’m thinking that maybe, it’s a racial thing.”

But he adds…he knows a lot of other people who are not getting assistance either.

Howard says he has no idea how much longer he can hold out.

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