Dalton Middle School students participate in PBS journalism program

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) — Students at Dalton Middle School are tackling current issues like immigration and getting real word hands on experience.

Journalism students at Dalton Middle School Participate in the PBS News Hour Student Reporting Lab, which is a national program that works with schools across the country.

The recent subject students were tasked with was New Americans, and they decided to feature fellow journalism student Nour Issa. Their story was featured in a national PBS promo.

“Nour became our subject because she is a close friend to many of my friends and she is my friend also and I believe she is very brave for wearing her hijab and expressing herself without worrying what other people think, especially in middle school, which is a time when many care about their appearance,” Reagan Brady, a Dalton Middle School student.

“The main thing that I wanted to be in this was because I am a Muslim and I wanted to show that I am not that different from any other American Girl,” Issa said.

Dalton Middle School is the only school in Georgia that participates in the PBS News Hour Student Reporting Lab.

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