Dalton Police Look For Graffiti Artist

To many people, graffiti is just de-facing a public place.

To others, it’s a work of art.

Either way, its against the law.

Dalton Police want your help in finding out who’s been painting several areas in the city.

In most big cities graffiti like this is common place.

Most of it never gets cleaned up or covered, because the vandals just keep coming back.

These tags recently turned up on storefronts, and walls on Fifth Avenue and a bridge support in Dalton.

DET. CHRIS TUCKER, DALTON POLICE DEPT.  “It appears to be more artistic than it is gang graffiti…uh, what I learned uh with gang members, they want to mark their territory so they don’t get uh as artistic as this person has.”

Detective Chris Tucker has seen enough of this artwork that he has a pretty good idea who may have done it.

DET. TUCKER  “The gangs we have here in town are typically Hispanic, uh, so we deal with a lot of “Serranoes” uh, “Tiny Winoes”.

None of these have their symbols or markings.

DET. TUCKER  “As you can see, especially in this–someone has tagged this before–another artist has seen his work–that artist has come over and painted on it..so it actually continues to grow.”

And, taking the drawings down is not the city’s job.

DET. TUCKER  “Dalton has a city ordinance that requires building owners or property owners who…their, their buildings of their property gets tagged with this stuff they’re required to remove it or paint over it.”

That may not seem fair—but the same goes for this other graffiti which is on this bridge support owned by the county or the state.

Those who don’t take care of it can get a citation or the city will paint over it, and charge the property owner.

If you have information about the person or persons responsible for the graffiti, call the Dalton Police Department.


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