Dalton’s Sidney Wheeler Prepares For MMA Debut Saturday at Camp Jordan

Fort Oglethorpe, GA-(WDEF) Valor Fights 21 is putting on a number of Mixed Martial Arts bouts this Saturday at Camp Jordan Arena.

 And the main event will feature the MMA debut of 18-year-old Sidney Wheeler of Dalton.
 Even though he’s a teenager, Wheeler is used to the arena spotlight.
Sidney Wheeler is a Kickboxing champion and a high school state wrestling champion.
He loves one-on-one sports.
"It’s you out there. you know what you’ve got to do to win. You can’t blame anybody else but yourself. I like it all being on my shoulders."
  Wheeler even sampled boxing.
Last December, he fought in the USA Boxing team trials.
He lost to the top-ranked light heavyweight Steven Nelson in the semis before winning a bronze medal.
"He out-boxed me. But he came up to me after the fight and said that was his toughest fight of the tournament so far.
   Now Wheeler is ready for the ultimate one-on-one challenge.
MMA fighting.
"Of course it’s going to be nerve-racking. You’re going in there, and they are locking the cage. You’re trying to beat the dog crap out of each other."
   Got to keep your whole body on a swivel in that MMA cage.
"The standing from bottom to the top, you’ve got to watch for punches, kicks, and elbows. And then when you are on the ground, you have to watch for punches, kicks, and elbows. it’s a full range of fighting. I haven’t done that yet, but I don’t think I’m going to have a problem adjusting."
  Saying your an MMA fighter is a unique conversation piece.
"Some people understand it. I’ve got some friends that are like that’s bad-ass. That’s cool. And then you’ve got their moms, and they’re like oh Lord, you’re friend Sid is an MMA fighter."
Reporter-"What does your mother think?"
"She says I would rather you had done something else. I’d rather you had been a doctor or a lawyer. But my mom loves me, and she wants the best for me. She’s going to be sitting there cage-side Saturday night, watching me beat faces in."
  For more information on Saturday’s bouts you can check out www.valorfights.com.
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