Damar Hamlin and American Heart Association challenge people to learn CPR

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Damar Hamlin and the American Heart Association are teaming up to challenge people to learn CPR.

CPR saved Hamlin’s life after he experienced cardiac arrest during an NFL game on January 2nd.

Now, he’s challenging people to learn the skill so they might be able to save someone’s life, too.

it’s often up to a bystander to perform CPR.

“In Damar Hamlin’s case, he was surrounded by a medical team almost immediately, but unfortunately that’s not always the case for the average person,” Emily Niespodzianny said. “And many people go untreated and unfortunately some people lose their lives.”

There are three steps to this challenge: learn, give, and share.

Learn the skill by visiting heart.org/3 to watch a short video.

Donate to the American Heart Association to fund CPR awareness.

And challenge three friends to do the same.


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