Day One Early Voting in Walker Co.

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- Director of Elections Danielle Montgomery says polls are expected to be busier in comparison to previous senate runoff elections.

Reason being is because two high profile senate seats are on the ballot.
Voters know how important it is to cast their ballot for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate races as early as they can.
“It’s a busy time of year to start with but the candidates that are up for the senate race know it’s all about control of this country” said one voter.
Walker County officials expect an increase in foot traffic at the polls.
“A normal runoff a lot of times we just see some local stuff or maybe state stuff” said Director of Elections Danielle Montgomery. “Not usually federal.”
Montgomery says there is an uptick of absentee ballot request, “We’ve probably mailed out, probably giving close to 8 thousand ballots at this point and probably have received back about 2 thousand.”
“This kind of absentee voting is not an issue. You got an identification. You can check. This mail in stuff is for the birds” said a Walker County voter.
About 3 thousand people requesting absentee ballots were listed as 65 and over or disabled.
Lines here Walker County were short and efficient during the first day and our very own Chief Meteorologist Patrick Core says there was a pretty steady line in Dade County. 
Patrick says it took him about 20 minutes to cast his ballot.
Early voting in Walker Co. ends December 31st. More locations will open on December 29th. Below is a link to those locations and hours:
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