Dayton woman warns about looking into sun during Eclipse

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Dayton woman is sharing her personal experience, and urging others to protect their eyes during the Solar Eclipse.

Joyce Gladson always makes sure she wears sunglasses when she is outside. She says she damaged her left eye the last time there was a Total Solar Eclipse in the United States.

“When I came home from school I went outside thinking that I was going to see the moon pass in front of the sun and so I happened to start looking up, no eye protection or anything,” Gladson said.

Gladson says she started to see floating lights

“We had actually went to the eye doctor and they confirmed that I had retina damage to the left eye,” she explained.

She is sharing her story as a warning to others.

“Always have the approved glasses before you view the Eclipse.”

In order to make sure eclipse glasses are legitimate there are different ways you can tell. One is there should be a label inside your glasses that says ISO 12312-2. When you put you eclipse glasses on it should be complete darkness and when you look at the sun you should see it surrounded by darkness.

Optometrist Dan Owen says the sun can cause a lot of damage to your eye.

“The sun puts out a lot of energy and if you have ever taken a magnify lens and held it up and burned ants, concentrated it all, it can do the same thing inside the eye. So don’t look at the sun,” Owen said.

If you burn the inside of your eye, Owen says it’s not very treatable. He doesn’t think many people will get injured this solar eclipse.

“People I don’t think are going to stare at it. Because if you are going to look at the sunlight now, you are going to say, ‘that is uncomfortable I don’t like.'”

Gladson is prepared for this time around, but she is not sure if she will watch it.

“Although, I do have the glasses I will make that decision when the time comes,” Gladson said.

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