Democratic Party revolt in Chattooga County this week

SUMMERVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – The Democratic Party in one northwest Georgia County has lost several office holders this week.

Four county leaders have announced they are leaving the party in Chattooga County, including the Sheriff.

The final match straw appears to have been comments over the White Supremacist rally in Dahlonega over the weekend.

Sheriff Mark Schrader sent some of his officers to the rally to help maintain the peace.

Afterwards, he posted a comment thanking them for their efforts.

But that post generated a lot of angry response from people identifying themselves as Democrats, saying the deputies were siding with the white supremacists.

Sheriff Schrader took down his post, but the damage was done.

On Monday, Chief Magistrate Tracy Maddux cuts his ties with the party after 22 years, saying he will run as a Republican next year.

He blamed local democrats who either took part or remained silent.

“I’m very disturbed by the threats and comments about the Chattooga Co Sheriffs Department.”

Then Chattanooga County’s Clerk of Superior Clerk followed up by announcing she was leaving the Democrats.

However, she is undecided so far on her future political plans.

But it didn’t stop there.

On Tuesday, Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton announced her defection from the Democrats.

She did not mention the Dahlonega Rally in her letter to supporters, just “I find myself answering more and more questions in public that have no bearing on my ability to do my job.”

Hampton says she is rejecting all party affiliations and doesn’t know how she will run yet for re-election.

Then, the largest defection yet.

Sheriff Mark Schrader sent a letter to the local Democratic Party announcing that he was leaving them.

He said he has been concerned about the direction of the national party for awhile.

But the Dahlonega criticism pushed him over the edge.

“I must admit that the comments and threats… have made me think more deeply on the things that I have been contemplating for some time.”



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