It Depends on the Winds! Crews Hope to Get Control of the Signal Mt. Brush Fire Soon

It’s day four of the Signal Mountain brush fire and frustrated crews are trying to catch a break.

Firefighters from a half dozen departments are struggling to get closer to the flames in rugged terrain.

Things changed overnight, and Tennessee Forestry requested a Mutual Aid Response for assistance.

The agency reported the fire had expanded and is now on the northeast end and southwest end of Signal Mountain.

AMY MAXWELL, HAMILTON CO. EMA ” The fire has jumped the fire breaks on this five acres that was burning yesterday, so now we have new acreage that’s burning. We actually don’t know how many new acres are burning, but the wind has shifted and actually the wind is still going to be an issue today.”

Currently, the fires are burning woodlands, but there’s no structural endangerment.

AMY MAXWELL “No, no houses that are in danger. We’re not asking to have any evacuations. This brushfire is mainly in the woods, so we don’t have any homes that are close by at all.”

Tennessee Forestry has bulldozers creating new fire breaks into areas that the firefighters could not get to yesterday.

AMY MAXWELL “You know we have attempted and succeeded for the last couple of days to get it under control, but when this wind picks up in the middle of the night or in the morning, there’s not much that we can do.”

One of the most effective on that slope has been the Tennessee Forestry helicopter, but it can’t stay all day.

AMY MAXWELL “The problem with this is yesterday that resource was actually needed in several different counties. They’ve been battling brushfires in Dade county, brush fires in Marion county…and in Bradley county. We were lucky we were able to get him twice yesterday.”

The Command post has been set-up at Mill Creek and Roberts Mill Road, which has remained open.

AMY MAXWELL “Many thanks to our community here has been graciously bringing these rescue personnel drinks and food to eat, because we don’t think about eating-our top priority is saving lives and property.”

Tuesday there were 8 volunteer and municipal fire agencies helping Tennessee Forestry in fighting those stubborn fires on Signal Mountain.


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