Deputy Who Helped Rescue Fallen Comrade Named “Respect for Law Officer” of the Year

There were many heroes on July 16th of 2015.
It was the day that a homegrown terrorist fatally wounded 5 U.S. service members…and wounded a Chattanooga city police officer.
We all know that tragic story well here in the tri-state area, but you may not know the name—Jeff Gadd.
He’s been named Law Officer of the year.

Ten months after the attack by a jihadist here in Chattanooga, we are still hearing details of what happened that day when the gunman first sprayed a recruiting center on Lee Highway with bullets…and then began shooting unarmed service members at the Marine/Naval training facility on Amnicola.
As that was happening…officers from the police department. sheriff’s department and EMS began arriving.
Deputy Jeff Gadd was escorting a funeral procession nearby.

DEPUTY JEFF GADD, HAM. CO. SHERIFF’S DEPT. “So when the call came out we started hearing what was going on…we just ..we stopped the escort ..and went toward to where the incident was happening at that time.”

The Scenic Chattanooga Optimist club honored Jeff Gadd at Noon for what happened next.
Officer Dennis Pedigo had been wounded and pulled to cover by two fellow police officers. But when Gadd got there, he lifted Pedigo and ran with him through the firefight to a waiting EMS unit.
The optimists named Jeff Gadd “Respect for Law Officer of the Year.”

DEPUTY JEFF GADD “We don’t do this job for you know, awards or pins ..or badges …we do it to serve the community …and I think everybody that responded that day …were doing exactly that.”

The Optimist Club’s Governor for the three state area was here and heard that story for the first time today.

TONY BELL, OPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL “I have 28 years protecting and serving this country …and so, to be able to recognize people that protect our community ..our kids….in this arena makes it much better for me.”

For Deputy Gadd, the rule he lives by is pretty simple.

DEPUTY JEFF GADD, HAMILTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT “When the innocent people are running away from the threat, you’re going toward the neutralize it.”

In Chattanooga, Bill Mitchell News 12 Now.

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