Director resigns as new allegations rise in Shelby vaccine scandal

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Vaccine scandal in Shelby County continues to grow.

After a week, when Shelby County Health Department officials faced accusations over thousands of doses going bad and their decision to stockpile doses against state rules, their director resigned on Friday.

Alisa Haushalter failed to show for a hearing called by county commissioners to explain their concerns.  Instead, she sent the resignation.

But that hasn’t stopped new accusations.

State officials say they have contacted the FBI over a potential of vaccine doses being stolen in Shelby County.

And also accusations that employees gave vaccines to two children against state policy.

Governor Lee was in Memphis today and called the developments disturbing.

When asked about Dr. Haushalter, the Governor said “At the very least, I can say that there has been a real lack of leadership there.”

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