District Attorney won’t prosecute Decosimo campaign billboard

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A campaign billboard in the upcoming school board race raised a legal question.

Candidate Tom Decosimo identified himself as a Republican.

But the school board is a non-partisan race (you don’t run as either a Republican or Democrat.)

Several people complained to the District Attorney’s Office that his party affiliation violated Tennessee Code Annotated 49-2-201.

“All elections for school board members shall be conducted on a nonpartisan basis, and no person seeking a position on a board shall campaign as the nominee or representative of any political party.”

You can read the 49-2-201 here.

On Monday, District Attorney General Neil Pinkston’s Office announced they will NOT take action.

“It has been determined that neither the State of Tennessee’s Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance nor the Hamilton County Election Commission regulate or monitor these types of campaign issues.”

And there are no penalties prescribed for violations.

Attorney General Pinkston said he reviewed the law and a sample ballot, not the billboard.

“Candidate Decosimo is seeking office for the local school board on a nonpartisan basis and isn’t campaigning as a nominee or representative of any respective political party.”

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