Do Students Take Too Many State Tests? TN Teachers Thinks So

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – With new tests on the way in math and English for students in grades three through 11, a new survey shows Tennessee teachers worried that they’re spending too much time on testing and test preparation.

TNReady will be given to students in the spring. It’s part of the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, which includes achievement tests and end-of-course exams for science, social students, math and English.

Officials say the new test is designed to measure students’ understanding of the material, not just memorization and test-taking skills.

State education officials told reporters last week that the best thing teachers could do to get students ready for the test would be to provide "strong instruction every day."

However, the survey of nearly 37,000 teachers showed 60 percent say they spend too much time helping students prepare for statewide exams, and seven out of ten believe their students spend too much time taking exams.

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