Don’t Block the Passing Lane, Even if You are Doing the Speed Limit

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WDEF-TV) – The state of Georgia passed a "slow poke" law last year.
And its now being enforced to the limit by the Georgia state patrol.
If you don’t understand why, think of it as an "anti-road rage" law.

"Frustrated" doesn’t quite capture the feeling.
We all go through a range of emotions when we look up ahead on the interstate and see one car blocking 10 other cars in the left lane.
If road rage entered your mind, you’re not alone.
A year ago the Georgia legislature addressed that problem with the Slow Poke law, and 269 driver’s have been ticketed.
You can expect to see more of that.

SGT. CHRIS DEBORD , GEORGIA STATE PATROL "If you’re traveling in the left lane and you’re being approached from behind by a vehicle moving faster that you are …you are supposed to move to the right."

Some motorists might ask, what about the speed limit?

SGT. CHRIS DEBORD "The law doesn’t state anything about speed limits. You know, so it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling the speed limit…if a vehicle is approaching you from behind ..going faster than need to move to the right so they can pass."

That puzzles some drivers passing through the area.

MARK BIRDSONG, NASHVILLE "All of a sudden instead of police officers enforcing the law on those who are speeding, they enforce it on those driving the speed limit …I just find that to be a little twisted."

SGT. CHRIS DEBORD "Oh,we’ll give them a ticket for speeding."

GEORGE BATTE, MINNEAPOLIS "I don’t know if there’s a significant amount of incidents caused by not moving over…I assume there must be.

CLOYCE HEDGE, INDIANA "Let me tell you, when I pass somebody,I get done passing,I get back over out of the I’m all for it."

There are times when the slower driver can stay in the fast lane, like when they are planning a left turn, or in some weather conditions.
Otherwise Georgia says, if there’s a line of cars behind you–get in the right lane.

Tennessee has no "slow poke" law per se, but Highway Patrol Lieutenant Christy Phillips says its covered under one rule—the left lane is for passing.

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