A dozen humans now being treated for post-rabies exposure in northwest Georgia

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – A dozen people are getting rabies treatment in the North Georgia area over the last couple of weeks.

The region has seen two puppies and a kitten confirmed with rabies.

They were all too young to get the vaccine.

One of the puppies was in Whitfield County, while the other was in Gilmer.

The kitten was in Cherokee County.

In all three cases, the pets were attacked by rabid wild animals (a skunk, raccoon and possible coyote).

Officials with the North Georgia Health District says this is an unusual string of rabies cases.

“The fact that these unrelated cases occurred in separate areas of the North Georgia Health District within the past two weeks is a coincidence, and even more coincidental is that all pets involved were too young to vaccinate. Pets must be at least three months old to be vaccinated against rabies.”

These cases happened fast because each puppy and kitten were bitten in the head.

The closer the bite is to the brain, the quicker symptoms develop.

The advice for parents now is keep your kids away from wild animals in the area, and also avoid contact with pets too young to vaccine (3 months).

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