Dr. Ben Carson Draws Huge Crowd in Chattanooga

Dr. Ben Carson is closing the gap on Donald Trump in the Repulican presidential nominee race, and judging by the huge crowd that showed up for his book signing Sunday at the Barnes and Noble at Hamilton Place, it is not a surprise.

The former brain surgeon took pictures with fans and signed copies of his book A More Perfect Union.

"Every place we go, it’s just enormous enthusiasm," said Dr. Carson.

And he had this explanation for the huge turnout that wrapped behind the front of the store.

"People are just looking for some authenticity, some truth," Carson said. "Get rid of all the crap. We’ve got too many problems to solve."

His new book is about the constitution and how important understanding it really is.

Also in his words, the former brain surgeon says the constitution isn’t … brain surgery.

"It’s essential if we are to maintain our liberties and constrain our government," Carson said. "That’s what the government is for."

One young man in the crowd wanted to see Dr. Carson for a very different reason.

"He basically saved my life," Luke Armstrong of Madison, Alabama said.

Luke Armstrong was a patient of Carson’s in 2001 when he performed life-saving surgery on him as a baby.

"Well basically they rebuilt my skull," he said. "They took it apart and rebuilt my skull because the growth plates were messed up."

"He took care of Luke and we saw him for a period of several years and he saved him because he would’ve had brain damage without it," Luke’s mother Susan said.

The Armstrongs and Dr. Carson were able to meet all these years later.

"I showed him the picture of Luke a day after surgery and he said, ‘Oh my goodness he’s grown since then.’"

The book signing last about an hour and a half before Carson was ushered out the back by security.

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