Dr. Elenora Woods joins others in attempting run for Chattanooga Mayor

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – “We’ve got work to do. So downtown Chattanooga, here I is. Come and get me. Come and get me. Come on and get me, because I’m not going anywhere,” Dr. Elenora Woods said.

In front of Chattanooga City Hall is where dentist and civil rights activist Dr. Elenora Woods announced her bid for Chattanooga City Mayor.

Some things she said she wants to do includes putting millions of dollars into early childhood education and creating a complex for people who are homeless to access mental health resources.

“We will get the homeless people off of our street, bring them in, have them evaluated and diagnosed as doctors do best diagnose their mental condition and get them the help that they need,” Woods said.

According to her press release, Woods is the first black woman to run for Chattanooga Mayor.

She goes into the mix of a growing field of candidates who have either announced their bid or have picked up their nominating petition.

Monday was the first day candidates trying to get on the march 2021 ballot could pick up their nominating petition needed to qualify to be placed on the ballot.

On the first day 5 people picked up their petition:

D’Angelo Davis

Russell Gilbert

George Ryan Love

Erskine Oglesby

Elenora Woods

Those who have announced their bid include former River City Company CEO Kim White, former Chattanooga City Attorney Wade Hinton and businessman Tim Kelly.

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