Dr. Wayne Johnson interviewed for superintendent position

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Hamilton County school board members had their first in person interview with one of the five superintendent finalists.

Superintendent candidate Dr. Wayne Johnson had a full itinerary on Monday. In the afternoon he answered questions from community members.

“What kinds of questions are you going to be asking about why some schools are chronically under performing and why some schools are not?” asked Edna Varner, a retired educator.

Dr. Johnson says he would first want to figure out what high performing schools are doing.

“Is it because of the luck of the draw? That they’ve got a good geography, and good external resource contribution? Or is there a leadership portion that is going on there as well? Dr. Johnson said.

As for the IZone schools in Hamilton County, Dr. Johnson says he won’t waste any time.

“We will start to work on the IZones immediately. It won’t be a year of planning. It will be immediately,” Dr. Johnson said.

School board members then had the opportunity to ask Dr. Johnson their questions. They wanted to know what he would do differently when it comes to bussing contracts.

“One of the things I did pick up in reviewing your bussing contract, which kind of struck me as odd is there is actually incentives in that contract to incentivize unsafe behaviors. For example, as I understand it, there are penalties if you are not on schedule,” Dr. Johnson said.

Others asked what he would say to people who are concerned he doesn’t come from an educational background.

“The fact that I have not been bound by preconceived notions is probably the best asset that I can bring to the table. I can actually through the position of superintendent hire any number of people who have those educational credentials,” Dr. Johnson said.

On Tuesday, superintendent candidate Stuart Greenberg will go through the same interview process.

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