Dunlap Police wrangle a wild bobcat

DUNLAP (WDEF) – Dunlap police were asked to evict an unruly visitor this morning.

But the vagrant was a bobcat.

Officers found it in an outbuilding on Williams Road in Dunlap.

That is behind the Walmart in town and at the base of Fredonia Mountain.

TWRA Officer Shawn Edgmon caught the bobcat and relocated it to a more rural part of the county.

It appeared to be healthy, if a bit cranky.

You don’t see them often, but there are plenty of bobcats across Tennessee.

In fact their range includes most of the U.S.

They are most active at dusk and dawn.

They avoid humans but have large, territorial ranges.

They like ledges and large rocks, sleeping in caves or hollow logs.

Just last fall, the TWRA had to rescue a West Tennessee woman from a bobcat.

She found it on the road and thought it was hurt.

So she took it back home to nurse it back to health.

The woman put it in her laundry room, but was awakened by screaming!

The Bobcat was apparently stunned before when she brought it in.

But the cat was tearing her laundry room up, trying to get out.

The TWRA officer had to net it to take it back into the wild.

But today’s Bobcat looked much younger.

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