Early Moring Chase ends in crash at Volkswagen plant

Shortly after 130 am East Ridge police responded to call of a vehicle parked in a woman drive way.


The driver of the vehicle was identified at 35 year old Jason Hughes.


Officers spoke to him and preparing to leave the scene the story almost ended here until the officer noticed a problem with the vehicles registration.


When the officer asked Hughes about the discrepancy Hughes took off.


During the chase that crossed into 3 different counties  Hughes ran stop signs and red lights crossed into oncoming traffic all in attempts to shake the officer in pursuit.


Hughes eventually found himself on the Volkswagen campus where he lost control of the vehicle and stops but when the officer attempts to exit his vehicle Hughes rams the patrol car and the chase was back on a few minutes last he swerves and loses control of the vehicle rolling it  over.


He was ejected from the vehicle and taken into custody where he was charged with Evading arrest and aggravated assault on a police officer he is being held on a 87,500 dollar bond.



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