East Chattanooga Residents Celebrate New National Park

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Residents in East Chattanooga have many reasons to celebrate.

They held a Glass Street LIVE Block Party, Saturday, to enjoy food, family, art and live music.

Glass House Collective put on the event.

The non-profit group also wants to celebrate the reopening of Sherman Reservation, in conjunction with National Public Lands Day.

“There’s a 50 acre national park at the top of Glass Street, that from what we know is closed. There’s not really access to it. So we worked and built a trail to connect Glass Street to Sherman, and we’re celebrating that opening of the trail,” said Teal Thibaud, Executive Director of Glass House Collective. “We have new signage to make it look welcoming and friendly, and so today is kind’ve a celebration that now our neighbors and we have a national park at the top of Glass Street that we can visit now.”

All National Park Service sites had free admission, Saturday.


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