East Lake Academy’s Dr. Reginald Adkins Wins Golden Apple Award

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – The best educators are lifelong learners. That is certainly the case for Dr. Reginald Adkins. He can’t wait to discover new things and pass that knowledge along to his students at East Lake Academy. His unending curiosity earned him a Golden Apple Award.

Lakesha Carson, is the Principal at East Lake Academy.

Of her colleague, 8th grader Physical Science teacher, Dr. Reginald Adkins, she says, “This is his third year here as a teacher. He is a team player. He works with the students. He goes over and beyond. Anytime but we need support or help, Dr. Atkins is always the first to reach out to us, to say, ‘Hey, how can I help?’ ”

When asked to describe himself, Dr. Adkins says, “Reginald Adkins is a educator in Hamilton county, and he’s kind of been in several different states. He’d go everywhere that he could find something to learn. And when he finds a new county, that is doing something else to learn, he goes there to learn it. Hamilton county was doing some amazing things bringing their English for speakers of other languages up, and had a new superintendent that was making gains that was making the news. So Reginald Adkins called Miss Carson and said, “Can you use an old school teacher?’  And she said, ‘Come on, let’s talk about it.'”

Eighth grader Jimmi Thomas says, ” He’s funny, and we like to learn new things every day about science, and that’s cool.”

Dr. Adkins adds, ” I have always wanted to work in academics and to continue learning. So, those two things go hand with teaching.”

He goes on to say, ” I think, I don’t know, there is a little adrenaline rush and a little bit of the system kicks in, and you know I got a contact high as what I like to call it. It is very exciting when they catch some thing, and they see their eyes wide open. I want them to just be open minded. And we come from a previous generation of learning, what’s in the book, and that is the answer. But I want them to question everything.”

Presented by News 12 Now and Food City, the Golden Apple Award honors outstanding teachers in the Tennessee Valley. To nominate a teacher you feel is deserving of the award, visit wdef.com/goldenapple.

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