East Lake Courts near three pole disaster

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Three telephone poles fell in East Lake Courts today including one that fell on a car a woman had just got out of according to neighbors

Three telephone poles fell earlier today at East Lake Courts, the second one is being worked on by EPB will get to their involvement shortly but, the third telephone pole is what caused the most damage falling on top of a person’s car.

“She was real upset. She was really really upset. I think she was more scared the mad she was more scared,” said Brown.

Annais Brown lives at East Lake Courts and she says a woman had just got out of the car that the telephone pole had crashed on top of.

“It came as soon as she got out of her car. Soon as she got out of her car. Boom. She got out of her car getting ready to go to another car to her friend’s car and boom it was that fast,” said Brown.

EPB spokesperson Scottie Summerlin said Chattanooga Housing authority owns these poles and lines.

Summerlin said one pole fell down and the other two were dragged down with it.

She said she doesn’t know the cause but, most people living in the area say it was due to wind.

“It does really sound like somebody hit something and it was like boom boom there’s a real big echo. I was just in shock, just shock. I wasn’t expecting to see you like a car or something … I wasn’t expecting to see that,” said Brown.

Summerlin said the Chattanooga housing authority Contacted EPB to replace the poles after they fell.

The housing authority couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

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