East Ridge Expects to Double Sales Tax Income With Jordan Crossing

EAST RIDGE, TN (WDEF-TV) – The city of East Ridge will get a financial shot-in-the-arm if Jordan Crossing becomes a reality.
The city will open a 300 acre site near Camp Jordan to commercial development– and the first anchor store is already on the drawing board.

If you’ve been over to Camp Jordan lately you’ve seen equipment clearing land just east of I-75. That’s going to be Jordan Crossing, which may eventually bring in more tax money than the city now gets from all of Ringgold road.
The city council put the final pieces in place Monday night.

MAYOR BRENT LAMBERT, EAST RIDGE "This is an opportunity for East Ridge probably unlike anything we have ever seen."

Mayor Brent Lambert says the key the project is quick access to I-75, and the face that East Ridge sits on the Tennessee/Georgia state line.
The Border Region Retail Tourism Development Act passed by the legislature 2 years ago sweetened the deal.

MAYOR BRENT LAMBERT "What it essentially means is that certain cities who are close to state borders would have the opportunity to incentivise development."

East Ridge would get three-quarters of the state tax collected here.
Near Jordan Crossing is a walking path and one of the canoe/kayak launches into Chickamauga creek.
Bass Pro shop has already committed and will be built where the East Ridge fire and police substation is now.

THAD JABLONSKI, E.R. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER "Bass Pro shop..an anchor retail store which will draw visitors from north Georgia and this region of Tennessee is about to locate on the other side of I-75. They are going to bring with them most likely a hotel, couple of restaurants ..more retail space ."

Thad Jablonski is the city’s liaison with the Industrial Development Board.

THAD JABLONSKI "This is a huge step I think for the folks here in East Ridge."

MAYOR BRENT LAMBERT "This development is definitely a game changer for East Ridge."

Most of the 300 acres for Jordan Crossing was owned by TDOT, which sold it to East Ridge.
The developer now owns the tract.
The city is looking at a bond of up to 5-million dollars to prepare the site.

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