Economic Growth and Infrastructure Across the State

The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual “BOOST” summit Friday at the Volkswagen plant.

“BOOST” stands for Business Owners Opportunity for Success Today.

The annual BOOST Summit focused on economic growth and infrastructure in Hamilton County and across the state of Tennessee.

Panel Members discussed how transportation and education are the keys to continuing that growth.

“When we look at how education influences industry, it has everything to do with making sure we understand what we have currently in terms of needs by our industry and business partners across the state”, said Dr. Danielle Mezera, who works for Tennessee Department of Education.

Dr. Mezera said post-secondary education requirements for jobs are expected to continue to grow in the years to come.

“At the end of the day what you want to be doing at the K-12 level is that you’re actually preparing that student not necessarily for that high school diploma, but you are preparing them for that next step. that post secondary involvement.”
The commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, John Schroer said the state needs more transportation funding so more businesses will continue to come to the state.

“Manufacturing, high tech, you know all sorts of different jobs that cities need to have a good economic base. If they don’t have good quality work force which is education if they don’t have good access to roads which is transportation the companies will pick some other place to go to house themselves.”
President of the Enterprise Gateway Council Barry Jennison said, “Chattanooga is a hub for transportation so we’re always interested in how we can get more transportation through Chattanooga.”



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