Education Officials worried about the impact of #NetNeutrality

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The FCC voted to roll back #NetNeutrality regulations in a 3 to 2 vote on Thursday.

The vote sent the country into a frenzy over how this would impact them.

Simply put, Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers cannot discriminate against different kinds of traffic, slowing down or speeding up service to give others and an advantage in the market.

Richard Culatta, the CEO for International Society for Technology in Education, wants to stress the impact that this will have over the youngest minds…. like those at the STEM school in Chattanooga.

Culatta says, “These are our future innovators that we are putting in the slow lane … it makes absolutely no sense. It’s why the internet is so exciting in the first place because for once you have a tool that can sorta level the playing field.”

Tools like a digital microscope used at STEM that relies on internet to control it.

Culatta believes that, “no body is making money having kids looking at electronic scanning microscopes.’

“At the end day, those companies answer to their share holders right they don’t answer to my kids principal…They don’t answer to your school leaders in Chattanooga they are actually legally responsible to their shareholders so who are they going to answer to … they are going to answer to the people who say make us more money that is what the private sector does and that’s okay as long as you have protections and oversight. & that’s why they exist to. & when you take those away it gets out of balance,” says Culatta.

EPB promises that this will be their customers will be protected.

They will be answersing your questions tomorrow on Facebook Live and John, it will be interesting to see what if any changes are made over the coming months .

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