Elizabeth Kimball Uses Art to Get Students to Open Up Creatively & Personally

Elizabeth Kimball’s class features artists of various talents.  Some can only draw stick figures, while others can create works featuring shading and detail that rival a professional.

No matter the ability coming into class, Kimball encourages her students to think outside the box and be original.  "They’re used to the images from video games or from television and many times they use that and lose that creative aspect."

Using things like art yoga, she helps students get into a mode of concentration, so they can translate what they know about art into their own creations.  "A lot of times they’re not able to concentrate or focus on what they need to do because they have distractions going all around and within them and this is a tool that we practice as a class together, so that when they’re working individually they’re able to maintain that level of concentration."

Students say Kimball’s style centers around success.  She helps them use art to open up and grow artistically and personally.  Art Student Dallas King says "I drew one good picture and then drew another one and realized I’m a pretty good artist and like to draw."  Art Student Rachael Price says "being able to know that I can do something thats on my mind and not something thats scripted.  Like, if you tell me to draw a certain thing.  But if you ask what’s on your mind, draw it, oh yes I can do it with no problem and she’s helped me with that."

Kimball says "seeing each student as they create a work of art and surprise themselves with what they’ve created and how they’ve mastered a specific direction as far as what to create and surprising themselves, it’s the greatest feeling in the world."

Artwork from Kimball’s class will be on display this month at Northgate Mall.

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