EMS Captain John Miller Named By News 12 as “First Responder of the Month”

Ten months ago the nation’s attention was focused on Chattanooga and fatal shooting of 5 men at the Marine and Naval training center on Amnicola.
A home-grown terrorist had first sprayed gunfire into a recruiting center on Lee Highway, before he finally died in a hail of police bullets.
Some details are just now becoming public–including the actions of Hamilton county EMS teams.
That’s where we found our “First Responder of the Month” honoree for May.

No one can stop cowardly attacks like the one on Chattanooga based service members last July. But constant training for such events can minimize the damage.
Hamilton County EMS Captain John Miller used that training to good advantage. He was one of the first on the scene at the training center.

CAPTAIN JOHN MILLER, MA. CO. EMS “The first ambulance on the scene and the first district lieutenant pulled up right as the final shots were fired.”

DEPUTY CHIEF JOHN COMBES, HCEMS “John took control immediately of the situation, started getting more ambulances in…setting up control and got things rolling in the right direction.”

CAPTAIN JOHN MILLER “They told us to stage until we found out there was an officer injured and then we went on in from where we were at…they had brought that officer up the Amnicola Highway…so we all kind of converged on that area …and took care of him and then they brought the sailor out shortly after that.”

The police officer was Dennis Pedigo, who recently returned to work after re-hab. Unfortunately, Navy Petty Officer Randall Smith later died from his wounds.

CAPTAIN MILLWE “The team members are the ones that deserve the credit. They’re the ones that had the hands on patient care. They took care of the police officer, they took care of the sailor we transported.” “Those guys are ones who did all the para-medicine that day.”

EMS members did their part as heroic police and sheriff’s deputies placed their lives on the line on July 16, 2015.
And it was a team effort, directed by Captain John Miller that cared-for the wounded and those that were shaken by the tragedy that day.

CAPTAIN JOHN MILLER “When something like that happens…instinct kind of kicks in…you kind of do what you’ve been trained to do.”

And John Miller did his job well. He is our First Responder of the Month.

John Miller was named Paramedic of the Year by the Southeastern EMS Directors Association.
If you’d like to nominate a law enforcement officer, fire fighter, or EMS paramedic for our “First Responder of the Month” recognition, let us hear from you at WDEF.COM.

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