Englewood Elementary’s Jodi Mull keeps 1st graders focused & learning

First grade is full of new adventures and new responsibilities…

At Englewood Elementary there’s a very special 1st grade teacher who not only makes it fun, she makes sure everyone stays on track.

Jodi Mull is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Sitting in a circle with 18 eager little readers teacher Jodi Mill calls out, "Take your book in your lap and open up to page 130. One-three-zero."

It’s story time in Ms. Mull’s 1st grade class, "Everyone take out your follow along finger."

This is Ms. Mull’s 3rd year teaching 6 year olds…

She says it’s a dream come true, "Everyday I leave here and I think, ‘Did I just get paid for that?’ It’s really fun."

Ms. Mull says when her kids are around she can’t have a bad day.

They laugh and play, but she keeps all their energy focused on learning… That has folks taking notice.

Bobie Opalewski reads from her Golden Apple nomintion letter, "She got my grandson back on track and he enjoys going to school because of her."

Bobie’s grandson Caleb came to live with her and joined Ms. Mulls class four months ago.

The transition was difficult at first, but the teacher stepped in to help, "She was there for us."

The teacher helped both in class and out of class and Bobie says, thanks to Ms Mull Caleb’s reading has improved and so has his confidence…

She says Ms. Mull gives that special attention to all her students, "I came into the school and I’ve watched her sometimes and she works with them, she never gets angry with them, she just kinda rolls with them if they act up."

For Ms. Mull it just come naturally, "These are my kids. This is my life."

She says teaching these children is what she was born to do, "You see them grow from tiny little babies that can just barely write their name at the beginning of the year to somebody who can read by the end of the year and they can add and subtract and that’s gonna go with them always and you’re gonna know that you were a part of that."

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