EPB Await FCC Approval To Bring Broadband To Bradley and Sequatchie Counties

CLEVELAND, TN, (WDEF)-EPB petitioned the FCC in the summer of 2014 asking if broadband boundaries could be removed for Bradley and Sequatchie counties.

Danna Bailey, EPB,"We believe that communities should have the right at the local level to decide they get the infrastructure they need."

The FCC could decide as soon as late February if these competition boundaries can be removed.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has indicated that North Carolina and Tennessee are major broadband priorities for his organization.

Danna Bailey, EPB,"Bradley County, Cleveland area, several neighboring communities in Sequatchie counties if you think about the counties that surround Hamilton County, there have been several communities that have asked us to come to see them."

Local elected officials have welcomed the possibility of EPB spreading throughout East Tennessee.

Dan Rawls, Bradley County Commission,"Was out in areas that have no cable access, have no internet and in a lot of these places where there are ridges and stuff, it’s virtually impossible to get anything on a satellite, so this would be huge for the rural community."

Collegedale City Manager Ted Rogers,"Certainly there are a lot of home based businesses out there, certainly lot of research and e-commerce that takes place on the internet so certainly broadband is a good thing for anybody and everybody."

Rawls added that schools with an I.T focus in Bradley County would also benefit from the possible expansion.

EPB say they have only applied to expand outside their current boundaries in communities that have specifically asked them to bring them true broadband.

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