EPB charging stations

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Many vehicle and car Experts believe electrical vehicles are the way of the future.

Now with EPB’s help, the Gig city is getting EV ready.

As gas prices remain high causing a price trip to the gas station, the automotive industry is accelerating toward electric vehicles.

The 13 new charging stations are on the first floor of the EPB garage and are part of EPB efforts in sharing the benefits of shifting to Electric vehicles

The charging stations will be available at no extra charge to those who park there.

“Our mission is to make our community better and the idea of bridging the past to the future that’s what this is really about,” said EPB CEO David Wade. “It’s kind of an exciting time because I can see a chance to rethink transportation in a lot of ways.”

Hamilton county Mayor Jim Coppinger said the entire Tennessee valley will benefit from EV adoption. He said other Chattanooga businesses are part of the E-V shift with Volkswagen investing 800 million locally in EV development.

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