EPB hosted cameras hope to help in catching marble vandals

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Some of the key features of EPB’s new hosted camera system include live and recorded HD video that’s viewable and accessible anytime, anywhere and is protected from unauthorized access by a cloud-based program.

Kennard Yamada, director of sales at EPB, says that it’s an important security measure.

“We do have other businesses that want to keep an eye on their offices when there’s nobody there. There a lot of businesses that have people working from home so there’s days where there are very few or nobody at the corporate offices and they just want to make sure that the office is safe and secure,” says Yamada.

Yamada also says that EPB plans on getting the Chattanooga police connected as well.

“We also are very soon going to be connecting this to the city of Chattanooga through a dragonfly program. A great example of this is what happened in Nashville when that bomb went off. They just needed video footage from as many angles as possible so they could put together what really happened,” he says.

Another example of course would be the recent cases of vandalism involving various Chattanooga businesses and their windows being broken by marbles.

At McMahan Law Firm, attorney Brent Burks says that the firm has also been victims of the marble vandals, and that they’re even offering a thousand dollar reward for whoever can help catch them.

“This is our fourth time to be hit. So we’ve been kind of getting the word out, I think this started in October. Then again in either November, December, and then just a few weeks ago in February,” says Burks.

Burks says that with the camera equipment, he expects the vandals to be caught soon.

“Somebody’s seen something on their security camera probably, or maybe knows something. I can’t imagine a working person who realizes the value of the dollar would be going around causing what’s probably well over $100 thousand dollars in damage,” Burks explains.

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