EPB send crews to Florida ahead of Hurricane Dorian

(Chattanooga, Tenn) – As Hurricane Dorian fast approaches the Florida coast, the state is doing whatever they can to prepare.

State’s from across the country are stepping in to lend a hand to help residents with the aftermath of Dorian.

EPB sent out five construction crews which included 18 crew members, on Friday afternoon.

THE WORKERS will help restore power by replacing power lines or poles if needed.

EPB’S Vice President of Marketing says their workers were eager to go and help out wherever they can. EPB’S CREWS will be in disaster areas for however long it takes.

“The idea of getting the power back on, it’s not just a matter of inconvenience. For many people, there are medical devices that may be impacted, for a lot of people air condition is a matter of health as well. So, we really take a lot of pride in helping people get back on their feet,” said J.E.d Marston, Vice President of Marketing for EPB.

Crews will be ready to work as soon as it is safe to begin.


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