Erlanger babies get red caps for Valentine’s Day

Chattanooga (WDEF) – Babies and their moms got a Valentine’s Day gift at Erlanger on Friday.

Newborns and NICU babies born today got a red cap for their heads.

It is part of a health awareness campaign for their moms.

The knitted caps come with a letter for mom.

Dear Mommy,

I’m wearing this cute little red hat to remind you to love yourself like you love me.  So please take care of your health, because I’m going need you a long time. 

“It is so important for new moms to have regular primary care checkups after giving birth to screen for common issues like post-partum depression, but also to emphasize healthy lifestyle like getting adequate sleep, nutrition and optimal supplements,” said Erlanger primary care and family medicine physician, Dr. Stephen Fox.

The caps came from project partner Genuine Purl yarn shop.

Customers and volunteers from knitting groups like the Burks United Methodist Church Knit-Wits and Chickamauga Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution used special kits provided by the yarn ship to make the caps.

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