Erlanger issues holiday safety tips for kids

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Emergency rooms see a lot of children on Christmas who have swallowed parts of toys.

Erlanger Medical Center showed how some toys can become dangerous for infants and small children – and issued a warning.

The toys frequently have warnings printed on the side, but Erlanger staff members say it’s easy for miscellaneous parts and even batteries to fall on the floor and into the hands of toddlers.

The toy parts can choke little children, and cause even more problems if they are ingested.

Marissa Moyers, CRN with the Erlanger Intervention Program has a quick and easy way for parents to see if something is small enough to be a hazard to a child.

“You see this toilet paper roll holder? This is the inside. If it slides through that, it can choke your child. So, anything, any toy. For instance our HiHO Cherry-O: these are great choking hazards especially for little ones, and they go through. So this is not an appropriate toy for a small child,” Moyers demonstrated.

Moyers also reminds parents that if the child gets a bicycle they need a helmet to go along with it.

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