Erlanger Medical Center on safety with Drones to be Given This Christmas

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- On Monday we told you about FAA restrictions if you get a drone this Christmas.

Today, Erlanger Medical Center wanted to stress the importance of obeying safety rules–drones can be a real danger to manned aircraft.

The Chattanooga Police Department, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and Erlanger’s LIFE FORCE Air Medical Program were represented at a meeting at the hospital.

A representative from the Federal Aviation Administration was also there to answer questions about the use of personal drones.

The experts say with the growing popularity of drones, many operators continue to use drones in areas that are not safe for the public, or for emergency personnel.

“We, at Life Force at Erlanger are not anti-drone by any means. We just want to know how we work together to be sure that we’re able to get the air craft in and out from a patient care perspective. Uh, Pilots are extremely concerned, ” said Robbie Tester.

If your drone weighs over half a pound it must be registered with the FAA.

That can be done quickly on-line.

Also the aircraft should never be flown near accidents and emergency situations, or over crowds, and never above 500 feet.

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