“Faces of the Fallen”

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Somewhere in the tri-state area there are homes with a neatly folded American flag in a place of honor.
Hundreds of men and some women from this area died in the Vietnam war.
National groups want to make sure that there are photos of those servicemen and women in a new education center at the memorial wall.
Its a program called "Faces of the Fallen."
The names of 1295 people from Tennessee are engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington, but 699 of them are represented by just a name, not a picture.
Forty five of those were from the Chattanooga area.
"Faces of the Fallen" is a nationwide campaign sponsored in Tennessee by state senator Mark Green of Clarksville. But he has asked other senators to help.

SEN. BO WATSON, (R) CHATTANOOGA " What we’re trying to do is look and find where they went to high school, maybe look in their old high school annual..or trying to find family members to see if we can locate some of those pictures."

Organizers are urging the families of the fallen soldiers to go through the picture box and find something that could be used when an Education center is built near the Vietnam wall. It will be a place where visitors can remember the 58-thousand-300 men who died during that 9- year conflict.
Joe Adams is a military historian and guide at the History Company in Fort Oglethorpe.

JOE ADAMS, THE HISTORY COMPANY " I think its an excellent idea. Because it helps tell a story…the name is on the wall..tell a story of themselves..but if you put a picture with a name, it brings it home to people."

Like the History Company, the proposed Education Center in Washington will display hundreds of artifacts from the Vietnam war and 100-thousand items that loved ones placed at the wall over the last 30 years.

SEN. BO WATSON "Now we’re in the process of trying to find out who in our area ..And its split up across the state among all of the senate members."

There’s a list of names on-line of Chattanoogans whose pictures are missing from the Washington collection.
It’ll be under "Faces of the Fallen."

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