Facial Recognition App; Helpful or Scary?

Name Tag uses Facial Recognition Technology from the company FacialNetwork.
The app would allow you to take a picture of someone with your smart phone and instantly link you to all of their social media photos and information.
Some people we spoke with are concerned about stalkers using the apps to prey on victims.
However Lt. Chris Crossen with the Dalton Police Department says it could be helpful.
 "A lot of times when all you have is a photo, you have people traveling through to commit these crimes, if they have social media photo and that technology where you can link their picture and say they’re from Arkansas," Crossen said.
Creators of the the app say users would only have access to photos and info you make public.
If you want to opt out of being part of the database, click this link to the compay’s website and then click the "opt out" tab in the top right corner.

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