Fairview Christian Academy Recovering from Tornado Devastation

ATHENS, Tenn. (WDEF)- Fairview Christian Academy is still picking up the pieces after a tornado devastated the Athens Tennessee area.

Spencer Sullivan, Local Resident: “Well this building missing the roof back here is actually the elementary building. Um my sister went to school in that building, and I went to the high school, back oh years ago now. I graduated in 2007.”

Spencer Sullivan, has joined dozens of other local residents to help clean up after a tornado touched down in Athens Tennessee early Wednesday morning, destroying buildings that belong to Fairview Christian Academy, including the new auditorium.

Sullivan: “It’s just the utter devastation, and I know it can be rebuilt, but I mean it’s just the fact that–I mean they’ve worked so hard to get where they are today, and just to be laid low like this just from one little gust of wind, it’s, it’s devastating really. But I showed up here a little late to the game this morning, and I mean within an hour we had two trees down and cleared uh everybody’s coming together uh whether they’re alumni, teachers, just people that wanna help. Uh you know they’ve come out here and we’ve, we’ve done a whole lot. We’ve cleared out Brother Jack’s house, all his trees that got knocked down on his yard and we’re working our way up, up the lot right now and hopefully we’ll get it all cleared but I mean we couldn’t ask for more help then we’ve received.”

Pastor Jack Scallions, Fairview Baptist Church: “We understand being Christians, and knowing Christ as our savior that the lord doesn’t make any mistakes. So what has happened to us here is just a good opportunity for us to be able to go through a test and uh let others see what Christ can do in the lives and hearts of people who trust him.”

Pastor Jack Scallions, who lives just across the street from the church, suffered some damage to his own house, but says he’s just grateful things didn’t turn out much worse.

Pastor Jack: “What the amazing thing was, with all of these multiple millions of dollars worth of damages that has taken place to all of our property, we didn’t have one single person hurt out of it.”

Sullivan: “Athens as a whole always bands together. We always take care of our home, and I, I honestly expect by the Fall next year, you wouldn’t notice that a tornado had been through here. Uh you know everybody pulls together in times like this. You know with all the fires and everything going on, it’s just one more thing. Uh everybody’s stretched thin right now, but we’re gonna come through it, I’m sure we will and we’ll be stronger for it.”

Pastor Jack says a few churches in the area have already offered their facilities to them, so service will continue Sunday.
And as for donations, the pastor only asked for your prayers at home, to help them through this difficult time.

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