Fall Foliage

Experts say the trees in the Tennessee Valley are near peak fall foliage.

Gene Hyde, City Forester said, "Seeing a lot of beautiful colors." Bright reds, oranges and crisp yellows are painting the hillsides and leaves on trees around town. Hyde said, "There’s a lot of color out there and its just a fabulous time to be outside and a fabulous time to enjoy mother nature, so get out and do it." Hyde says right now the Tennessee Valley is close to being peak on our fall foliage. Hyde said, "Maybe just a little bit delayed because it was so warm so late into the year." Hyde says the changing of colors is mother nature’s way of preparing the trees for winter. He said, "The maples are yellows, oranges and reds. The hickory trees are kind of a brilliant yellow and I think the ash trees are a very sublime color of very soft pastels of kind of a violet and soft yellow color."

Ruth Thompson with Outdoor Chattanooga took us to Lookout Mountain where she says the fall colors will be phenomenal. Thompson said, "I really like this area because its extremely accessible to downtown, you can access the Lookout Mountain trails public transportation and even if you aren’t a really super experienced hiker you can access a well marked system with multiple loop distances." Thompson suggested other great viewing spots as well. She said, "Raccoon Mountain, getting up onto Enterprise South Nature Park up onto the ridges and getting up onto Stringer’s Ridge."

For a list of trails in our area to view the changing colors visit www.outdoorchattanooga.com.

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