Falling Water blaze jumps fire breaks again Monday morning

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee (WDEF) – The wildfire on Walden’s Ridge remains a problem on Day 3.

It began Saturday night when someone left a campfire unattended and high winds from Matthew spread it above the community of Falling Water.

On Monday morning, the blaze has once again jumped fire lines breaks.

Amy Maxwell with Hamilton County Emergency Management says residents on Rocky Ledge Road report embers and burning timbers still rolling down the mountainside.

This morning, members of the Dallas Bay Fire Department have been warning residents of the 7-10 homes in the area to be on the lookout.

Maxwell says the wind is still a problem and will probably pick up at daybreak.

Hamilton County will once again issue a Mutual Aid Request among county fire departments because of the wildfire.

As of 8AM, the north end of the fire is under control, but the south is not.

They have called for additional fire support from Walden’s Ridge, since most of the volunteers have to return to their day jobs on Monday.

Crews report a large 2-3 acre fire is burning outside the break area (around Roberts Mill Crek) and fire has spread to other ridges below.

Roberts Mill Road up the mountain has been open this morning, but officials expect to close it again as more crews respond to the fire.

*** Night photo from Hamilton County Emergency Management

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