Families attend Sterchi Farm Park clean up Saturday

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Dozens of volunteers went out to Sterchi Farm Park to help clean it up Saturday ahead of some major renovations.

Councilmen Russel Gilbert says “Some of the things that we are looking at today how the parks going to be. We got a grant to start building on this part of the park.”

Gilbert brought out some of his family members to show them some of the historic areas that will be enhanced during this project.

“To show them some of the historic things as far as the stilo, Ssterchi’s farm. Some of their great-great grandparents actually worked with the Sterchi’s back int the day. And just should them the history of this area,” says Gilbert.

Gilbert says it’s crucial to get young people excited about history, espcially outside of the classroom.

Gilbert says, “You have to know your past to understand your future when it comes to history. You look at things in this area where… like the Trail of Tears, the crossing over the Chickamauga creek, you had the Sherman that crossed the same creek that went to … Missionary Ridge, but it wasn’t. Just that type of history makes people understand this area.”

If you missed out this time, you can find a link for most volunteer opportunities on here.


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