Family Devastated After Carousel Road House Fire

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Investigators are working to gather information on the fatal fire in Chattanooga Sunday morning.

At the beginning of the Carousel subdivision are the scars left behind after four people from the Little family died during Sunday night’s tragic house fire.

“I don’t understand what happened. I can’t believe I lost them. I’m right around the corner” said relative Brohom Jenkins.

Family and friends must now face the harsh reality of losing their grandmom, aunt, uncle and cousin all at once.

Jeffery Cheeks is the son-in-law of one of the victims. He says his wife began grieving when she received the news, “In the moments of the fire she got the call. They called her.”

Cheeks can’t understand how something like this can happened to his mother-in-law of over 40 years, “I said out of all things her. It had to be something that happened. I mean…”

Investigators are working to discover the cause of the fire.

The family tells us the person who escaped the home was the boyfriend of one of the victims.

Now Cheeks, his wife, and other family members must pick up the pieces from here. It doesn’t help that Jeffery’s wife is dealing with health issues.

“It caused a lot of trauma on her” said Cheeks. “She gotta bury her mama. Burt.. her sister and her brother and her niece. She was close to all of them too. Real close.”

If you would like to offer support and donations to the Little family as they work through funeral arrangements, reach out to Latoya Little.

Here is her number: 423-320-7662

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