Family of Trinity Quinn speak on turn of events

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WDEF) – The search for Trinity Quinn has ended—but not the way her family had hoped.  She and a 28 year old Rhea county man have been arrested and charged with criminal homicide.

It started when 15-year-old Trinity Quinn did not show up for school Monday. Family and friends led them to believe she was with 28-year-old Daniel Clark, who was a friend. Here’s the tragic outcome.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Nashville Metro Police, and Dayton Police, have been collaborating on how to find the two fugitives. An amber alert was issued this morning for Quinn, and a few hours after that, Clark was placed on TBI’s 10 Most Wanted List.

Chris Sneed, Dayton Police Chief said “We’ve mainly been interviewing friends. People that may have known of any ties that they may have in the Nashville area. Tracing phone numbers. Interviewing family members.”

Both were wanted for the murder Tuesday night of, 58-year-old, John Stevens, who was a store clerk at an Exxon in Nashville.

According to police, they were captured around 11:30 A-M Wednesday, in a wooded area. A truck driver had spotted them on Old Hickory Boulevard in West Nashville. They surrendered without incident and no shots were fired.

Quinn’s mother, Stephanie Reed, found out about the murder incident, early Wednesday morning.

“I got called at 6:00 this morning and told to look on Facebook and it was on Facebook. I couldn’t breath.” said Trinity’s mother.

She then planned a trip to Nashville early, but police asked her to hold back.

” We came here getting ready to leave and then we were told that it’d be best to stay put until they called us back at least because we would not be able to see her today.”

Reed says she is anxious to see her daughter.

“Unbelievably relieved that she’s safe. I just want to see her. I need to see her myself to see that.”

She says this week has been the most unsettling for her, because she has not been able to contact her daughter. She believes the two did not carry any cell phones on them.

“Horrible. It’s a mom’s worst nightmare not to have your child home; not know where she’s at or if she’s eaten or safe.”

Reed says it’s hard for her to believe that her daughter would be charged with murder.

“I don’t have any words for that. She wouldn’t harm anybody. I don’t believe that.”

Reed says she has been in contact with Clark’s family, and that they have been supporting one another through this difficult time.

Police say Clark does not have a criminal history.  They are still looking for a motive.

Nashville Police say they found the gun used in the shooting of Stevens.

The two are being charged with criminal homicide, especially aggravated robbery, and attempted auto theft.

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