Father of Trinity Quinn believes the two had romantic relationship

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – 15-year-old Trinity Quinn and 28-year-old Daniel Clark were arrested in Nashville yesterday for criminal homicide. Police say they shot and killed a store clerk.

According to Trinity Quinn’s father, he believes that the two had a romantic relationship. He says he and her mother disapproved of their relationship from the very beginning.

Matthew Reed, who is Trinity Quinn’s step-father says she is undergoing mental and physical evaluations.

She is currently being held at the Nashville Metro Juvenile Detention Center.

Reed says he noticed his daughter and 28-year-old, Daniel Clark, texting, right around Christmas time. After he found out, he says he told the two to stop.

Reed says after they realized Quinn was missing Monday, they searched her bedroom and found out she had packed a bag full of clothes.  He says he believes she had been planning to leave for a week.

Quinn had told a friend in secrecy, but her parents found out.

Reed says he believes Clark was disturbed and often posted messages on his Facebook page that were destructive, things like ‘I’m going to hang myself’.

He doesn’t believe Clark has ever tried to harm himself, but has had problems with drugs and alcohol in the past. He does not believe his step-daughter drinks or does drugs.

The gun used in the homicide probably was owned by Clark’s brother, reed told us. It was reported stolen Tuesday.

Reed says he did not allow his step-daughter to keep any social media accounts.

The attorney for Trinity Quinn attended her detention hearing this afternoon.

Quinn was present but did not appear before the judge.

Her step-father believes she may be tried as an adult, because of her level of involvement in the crime.

If a bond is set, her family plans to post bond, and Quinn would be staying with her mother.

A preliminary transfer hearing is set for May 16th.

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