FBI Briefing on Chattanooga Shooting

Chattanooga (WDEF) – The FBI breakdown of what happened at the Amnicola Navy & Marine Center shootings.

The shooter crashed through the front gate in his vehicle.

He got out of the vehicle armed with an assault rifle and a handgun (they would later find a 3rd weapon in the vehicle).

A service member spotted him and fired shots at him.

The shooter entered the building and shot the first person he saw (Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Scott Smith, who would die 3 days later).

Then he continued through the building shooting at people.

He then went outside to the motorpool where he opened fire on a group of marines.

Two were quickly killed, as the others sought shelter.

He later killed two more marines there, and tried to re-enter the building.

That is when Chattanooga Police Officers caught up with him (they had been following him since the Lee Highway drive by).

Multiple officers engaged him, Officer Pedigo was hit, and they killed the shooter, preventing him from getting back in the building.

Marine Corps Major General Paul Brier said 20 marines and two corpsmen were at the facility inspecting equipment from a training mission.

He says they did what they were trained to do, they got their fellow marines to safety.

Then some "willingly ran back into the fight."

"All of us can be proud of what they did that day."

National media reporters would later question whether some of the Marines may have been hit by friendly fire from police.

Special Agent Reinhold said all the victims were killed by the same weapon.

Major General Brier and Navy commander Rear Admiral Mary Jackson both praised the Police efforts, saying they saved lives.

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